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Crypto at the Hands of Minecraft Players

Etherlands is a fully-developed Minecraft server enabled to buy, sell, and trade plots of land on the Polygon Network to transform the average gaming experience.

Game Features

Express Account Connection
Connect your web3 account directly to Minecraft with our exclusive linking system available only on Etherlands.
In-House 3D Land Rendering
Screenshots can’t match the beauty of our in-house 3D rendering technology. See your builds in a whole new light with stunning graphics.
Explore Etherlands
Using our carefully designed safe zones, travel Minecraft faster and safer than before. With speed and safety debuffs, you can run free without fear.
Build Towns Together
Etherlands, at its core, is a community-driven gaming platform with a focus on friends. Buy land and create towns with ease to play with friends, create massive structures, and trade with others - all on the blockchain.


The Etherlands logo is a universal signature used across all our communications. Please don’t edit, change, distort, recolor, or reconfigure it.

Primary Logo

Alternative Logo

When our primary or full-color logos aren’t an option, use the mono logo that provides the most contrast.

Official Colors

You’re encouraged to use the official Etherlands colors when displaying the logo and marks.
Etherlands Purple


Soft Pink


Soft Purple


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